Supporting Libraries

Over the past twelve years, we have helped tens of thousands of people by working with libraries, national organizations, State Commissions for the Blind, optometrists and other healthcare professionals. Our core focus is helping as many people as possible to regain the independence they seek and deserve. As advocates for the right to read, we are working towards greater social inclusion for people with visual impairment.


Raising Community Awareness


A whole new way to see things.

Surveys have found that especially with elderly people, reading can be beneficial to health and well being, and we believe libraries are a good place to start. In essence, the concept behind the club is to allow anyone immediate access to top quality, electronic magnifiers. Members can borrow a magnifier and try it for a few days to see how they get on with it or keep it for years with total peace of mind.

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Helping Patrons Find Books



When a sighted person walks into a library they can find books easily, but what about the twenty million Americans with vision loss? Statistics show that most people with vision loss do not visit their library as often as they might. The first barrier for them is finding a book to read. The Maggie can solve that for a significant number of patrons.

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Reading Equipment Within Your Library



Most libraries already have computers, so why not leverage those assets further by adding the function of a simple, yet powerful electronic magnifier? Unlike more complex and expensive stand alone magnifiers, these truly plug and play, well actually plug and read, magnifiers are the ultimate in simplicity of use.

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For libraries equipped with Apple computers, you can now upgrade those to reading stations for the visually impaired too. With magnification up to 100x and pure white text on black background more patrons will be able to enjoy books than ever before.

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Helping Patrons To Borrow Books



Here's something that has worked successfully for a number of years in libraries. It's simple; lend a magnifier along with any book! It's an obvious idea when you think about it. We can supply not only the magnifier, which plugs directly into any television, but specifically for libraries we include a protective carry bag. It's a total solution already loved by tens of thousands of people around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions relating to libraries, their patrons and the visually impaired in the community.

How much do these products cost?

The retail price of the MonoMouse is US$149 or UK£99, while membership of the BVC is US$14.95 or UK£9.99 per month. Libraries are automatically eligible for a special discount and free extended warranty.

How much discount can a library get?

It depends on the number of products that are needed to serve the community and we try to be as accommodating as possible. If a library is committed to helping the community we can always work something out.

Is the MonoMouse simple to use?

Yes. The majority of people that use our magnifiers are aged between 65-90, but we do have users ranging from 7 years old right through to 106. The MonoMouse simply plugs into any TV via the RCA jack (video in) and when the blue button is pressed, it works! (No complicated wiring, tuning or training necessary).

Is the Maggie easy to use?

The Maggie is the ultimate in simplicity. Press the large yellow button on the left for a couple of seconds and start reading. If the user prefers to read pure white text on a black background, press the middle button one time. To increase magnification, press the button on the right. Surveys show that most people only need and use the first button, so it is a very simple ON/OFF process.

How long have Bierley been supplying electronic magnifiers?​

Since 2004.

Where can people buy these magnifiers?

The easiest and quickest way is directly from us via our web site, phone or e-mail. Our products are also available from many organizations, via Government agencies and services, eye-care professionals and a network of resellers.

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Our Commitment To You

We are advocates of the right to read and are focused on helping people to enjoy books, especially elderly people in the community. To support that objective, we are committed to providing the information, tools and a plan of action to encourage and support libraries to encourage an important group of local people back into the library.

Typically, people with vision impairment, and especially the elderly, tend not to go to their local library because they believe that there is not much there for them. They can not read regular sized print or even large print books when those are provided. is about caring and sharing. It's about the community. It's about the right to read. It's a web site developed specifically to work with libraries around the nation with the belief that together we can make a difference.

We feel that now is the time to attract that important group of local citizens back to the library and allow them the chance to enjoy reading again.


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